Carol Page

Our Independent Celebrant

A funeral service is an important event, enabling you to recognise the life and death of your loved one and make your formal goodbyes. 

We recognise that the funeral should reflect the personality, beliefs and culture of the deceased and be meaningful to the family. Sometimes the formality of a traditional or religious service is not the best way to do that; a non-religious or semi-religious funeral may be more appropriate. 

Our Independent Celebrant Carol Page can provide a tailor-made, intimate ceremony, to take place at the graveside. Or you may choose to have a service in our tastefully decorated Chapel of Rest followed by the committal at the graveside. 

If the deceased is to be re-patriated, we can provide an opportunity for those who wish to pay their last respects with a memorial service here in Cyprus, to do so in our Chapel of Rest or even at your own home.

By liaising with you beforehand, Carol will construct the service totally around your wishes, ensuring that you are able to celebrate your loved-one’s life and say goodbye in a way that is helpful to you.

Our tailor-made services can include music of your choice, ritual, literature, symbolism and of course a eulogy that is truly about the person who has died.

About Carol Page

As an Ordained Baptist Minister and Hospital Chaplain in the UK, Carol has been providing funeral services since 1993. She has wide experience of working with families from a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds, and of course, for those with little or no religious background at all. Now living and working in Cyprus, Carol is no longer associated with any religious tradition and specialises in crafting ceremonies that truly reflect the person’s life. 

Bereavement Support

Grief can take many different forms. There is no ‘right’ or normal way to grieve; it is an individual experience. While it is often extremely painful and it may sometimes feel as though there will never be an end, it is a normal process. 

However, bereavement support can often help during the grieving process and may be what is needed to get you through the difficult time towards coping on your own again. It should never be seen as a sign of weakness.

In the bereavement support that we offer, the focus in on helping you work through the painful stages of grief, overcome barriers to moving forward, re-gain your confidence, and look to the future in a positive way. 

Carol is an Independent Celebrant and a fully qualified Life and Relationship Coach with particular expertise and experience in supporting bereaved people.

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