​Chapel of rest

It is very important to us that we can provide a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere for families wishing to pay their last respects to a loved one. In order to make your visit as relaxed as possible it is better to make an appointment so that you are able to have time for quiet reflection and privacy.


With access to 'state of the art' mortuary facilities we can ensure that all the necessary embalming and preparation of the deceased are carried out in a professional and legal manner. We can arrange all the necessary documentation and arrange flights to almost any country in the world. 

​Removal of the deceased and preparation of  the funeral arrangements

A death can occur at anytime. Not just between 9am and 5pm. So if you sadly need our services please do not hesitate to contact us, no matter what time of the day. Sometimes a death may be expected but nothing prepares you for the emotional shock of losing someone close. Making funeral arrangements is something hopefully many of us don't have to do, because of this on the occasions that we are called upon to make arrangements, it can be very daunting. We will endeavour to clearly advise and guide you, taking care of all the practical matters.​


We can arrange and undertake many different types of funerals all across the island of Cyprus including different religions and cultures such as Church of England, Catholic and Orthodox.

Non-religious and tailor-made funerals can also be arranged.

We understand that there are many different preferences of how a funeral is carried out and we always try to do our utmost to satisfy the wishes of the family or closest relatives to the deceased. We can arrange a full tailor made funeral to suit your personal needs. We can also arrange for extra people such as pall bearers or drivers if required.